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American Airlines logo history

American Airlines was founded in 1930. Initially, the company sold flights under the American Airways brand. In 1934, it was acquired by E.L. Cord and was renamed into American Airlines. The company underwent numerous changes. And today it is the result of the merging of more than 80 small airlines.

The American Airlines logo was created in 1931 by Gudrich Murphy. It was two letters A with the symbol of the company - the eagle. The logo was redesigned only in 1967 by the designer Massimo Vignelli and had been used by the air carrier for about 40 years.

On January 17, 2013 the company changed the logo again. It was on the verge of bankruptcy and decided to make adjustments to its own positioning. The new logo combined the letter A, an eagle and a star. The color scheme was white, blue and red. The 3D format, which replaced the statics, corresponded to modern concepts of design.

The American Airlines logo was presented by the management as progressiveness and a special flight of the American soul. The company representatives used the logo change as another step towards building a stronger, more modern enterprise.

At that time, the logo of the company was criticised. Everyone was talking about the fact that the old style was more individual and recognizable. For the most part, this was because American Airlines decided to rebrand during difficult times for the company. Many people at that time did not understand why the company bet on a new logo, and did not believe that it would save its position. But American Airlines logo helped a world-renowned airline get out of the financial pit and continue its operations. The company is still one of the most famous and reliable airlines in the world.

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