Airline Logos Database With Auto Updates

929 Retina-grade airline logos, symbols and tails, matched with airline IATA and ICAO codes

airline tail logos
  • Includes all passenger airlines
  • Checked and updated daily
  • SVG and PNG in any resolution
  • All logos in one aspect ratio
  • Licensed for commercial use*
  • API access or direct download

Never bother with airline logos again

Save yourself months of work in a single click! No more searching, resizing and rebuilding airline logos from scratch.

Tail logo
tail logo
Symbol logo
symbol logo
Logo with name
logo with name
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Airline codes
Tail logo
tail logo
Symbol logo
symbol logo
Logo with name
logo with name
Logo colors
Airline codes
Tail logo
tail logo
Symbol logo
symbol logo
Logo with name
logo with name
Logo colors
Airline codes
Tail logo
tail logo
Symbol logo
symbol logo
Logo with name
logo with name
Logo colors
Airline codes
Tail logo
tail logo
Symbol logo
symbol logo
Logo with name
logo with name
Logo colors
Airline codes
airline logo

Download a complete set of all airline logos

929 airline logos are available via API & as a standalone download version.

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Airline logos that suit your purpose

Airhex helps keep your website, mobile app, and any other media up to date when it comes to airline information.

All logos are in the same format and aspect ratio and matched with IATA and ICAO codes, so you don't need to spend extra resources editing them.

airline logos for mobile and desktop apps

Get, set, and forget

Download all airline logos in a single .zip archive or fetch them programmatically with Airhex API.


Download all logos at once

Get all the airline logos listed alphabetically in one .zip file, or integrate them via API directly into your product.

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Fetch updates easily

Download the updated database periodically or integrate the API once and get brand-new and updated airline logos automatically.

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Let us do the rest

We check on, review, and update all airline logos daily to ensure you always have the most recent and relevant logos on hand.

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Increase user confidence and funnel conversion

Clean, Retina-grade, constantly updated, and fast-loading logos inspire user confidence and provide the most accurate data.

Use SVG or high resolution PNG images. This will work well on any website, mobile app, or even an airport information screen.

conversion rate growth

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Trusted by hundreds of travel companies

  • Wego

    Travel metasearch

    We used to spend quite a bit of time on cropping, editing, and keeping airline logos up to date. Airhex helped us to save time, so that we could focus on building a great travel website Natalya Kosenko, Project Manager at Wego
    1 / 4
    Wego product
  • Easyvoyage

    Online Travel Agency

    Airhex provides extensive, high quality airline data and logos Laurent Vandembergue, CTO at Easyvoyage
    2 / 4
    easyvoyage product
  • Inflyter

    Travel Startup

    We have been using Airhex for 18 months. It's a reliable data platform and they provide a high quality airline logo design Wassim Saadé, Founder & CEO at Inflyter
    3 / 4
    inflyter product
  • Codegen

    Travel Tech Company

    With Airhex we can focus on the development work rather than wasting time on creating something that already exists Mohamed Shirazi, Head Customer Relationships at Codegen
    4 / 4
    codegen product
  • TUI
  • Omio
  • Easyvoyage
  • FTI
  • Aviasales
  • Greitai
  • iTrain
  • Airtrade
  • Inflyter
  • Navitas

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Get pricing details and request full access

Due to licensing regulations, Airhex pricing is individualized and based on your technical requirements, type of business, and the country where your company is registered.

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Airline logos FAQ

Get all the answers about airline logos by Airhex

  • What types of logos are included in the Airhex airline logos database?

    The Airhex database includes retina-grade, square, rectangular, tails/fins and flipped tail logos of all passenger airlines, matched with their IATA and ICAO codes, available in SVG and PNG formats

  • Can I download all the airline logos at once?

    Yes, you can download all airline logos in a single .zip file or access them programmatically via the Airhex API for direct integration into your product

  • Are the logos ready for immediate use in my projects?

    All logos maintain a consistent aspect ratio and format, designed for easy integration without additional editing, perfect for websites, mobile apps, or other media. Most clients are able to use logos in their production environment within an hour. It is that simple.

  • How do you maintain and update the logo database?

    Our team checks, reviews, and updates all airline logos daily to ensure you always have the most recent and relevant logos on hand.

    We track all changes both manually and programmatically with our very own software that checks and compares an airline's logo changes on its own website. And if there are any changes or a new airline takes off, our illustrators are notified and we roll out a fresh version of the logo within a few hours. Some of the biggest travel brands rely on Airhex.

  • How does the API work?

    This endpoint retrieves a specific airline logo with output as a ready to use PNG static image file or SVG vector image file.

    See the API documentation →

  • Why can't I just download logos from the internet?

    Finding good quality logos is a difficult and sometimes impossible task.

    Even if you have found and downloaded a logo — you would need to edit, resize, adjust and convert it, and that would take even more time and money, not to mention cause possible copyright or trademark infringement.

    Trying to re-create airline logos is a tedious and time-consuming task. It might be prohibitively expensive to recreate logos, depending on where in the world you or your contractors are located. It could also take months of full-time, non-stop work by a highly experienced illustrator to complete the project, by which time some of the initial logos created may have already become obsolete.

    That’s why we've done all the hard work for you including compliance tasks, so you can get on with more important things.

    Get ready-to-use airline logos matched with airline IATA and ICAO codes in just minutes. Saving weeks of time and thousands of dollars. All of our team members have been working in the online travel industry for at least five years and have high levels of experience and expertise in graphic design and illustration.

  • What files does the logo database consist of?

    The logo database includes airline logos in both PNG and SVG formats. The logos are organized within folders labeled "IATA" and "ICAO" and are named according to their respective codes, such as /iata/EK.png or /icao/EK.svg for Emirates. To provide the best performance and minimize page-load time, all images including airline logos are to be compressed. For PNG airline logos there is a method called lossless compression that saves up to 80% of image size (and reduces download time substantially) without compromising image quality. We developed and improved this technology and can do compression on-the-fly, so Airhex logos are always as small as possible without compromising quality. Plus, you can use a worldwide network of CDN servers for even faster content delivery or even host logos on your own servers.

  • How can logos affect website conversion?

    Airline logos are critical to your conversion rate. Would your customers trust a service that provides any wrong information during the first stages in a purchase funnel? Wouldn't they be concerned with outdated airline logos? Of course they would be. To provide the most accurate data, you have to keep your airline logos constantly updated.

    Nowadays it's also important to provide HD Retina-ready / vector images for your customers. As you know, the quality of a website and the information it provides is critical for building trust between a brand and its customers.

    We handle all airline logos in vector format with the same aspect ratio for ease of use. These logos look great on every device including desktop and mobile phones and are easy to integrate into existing systems.

    Since SVG logos have a minimal size and PNG files can be compressed without losing quality through lossless compression, the visual load time of your search results and booking pages affects your conversion rate and revenue. Did you know Amazon discovered that for every 100ms of latency, it loses 1% in sales?