Airline Information Database with Automatic Updates

A complete and reliable airline database for your online travel product.

  • Airline name
  • Trading name
  • IATA code
  • ICAO code
  • Carrier type
  • Operating status
  • Alliance membership
  • Airline color scheme
  • Country of origin
  • Year established
  • Official website URL
  • Web check-in URL
  • Mobile check-in URL
  • Baggage policy URL
  • Сovers all known airlines
  • JSON & XML APIs available
  • CSV file export
  • Verified and updated daily

Essential airline data for building travel products

An airline coding directory with 20 additional data points that helps to provide your travel app with actual airline data.

Basic overview
Trading name: American Airlines
Legal name:  American Airlines Inc.
Operating status: Active
IATA code: AA
ICAO code: AAL
Home country: United States
Year established: 1926
Airline category: Scheduled
FSC/LCC: Full service carrier
Airline alliance: oneworld
Official website: click here
Online check-in: web / mobile

Basic overview
Trading name: Ryanair
Legal name:  Ryanair DAC
Operating status: Active
IATA code: FR
ICAO code: RYR
Home country: Ireland
Year established: 1984
Airline category: Scheduled
FSC/LCC: Low cost carrier
Airline alliance:
Official website: click here
Online check-in: web / mobile

Basic overview
Trading name: Qatar Airways
Legal name:  Qatar Airways Q.C.S.C.
Operating status: Active
IATA code: QR
ICAO code: QTR
Home country: Qatar
Year established: 1993
Airline category: Scheduled
FSC/LCC: Full service carrier
Airline alliance: oneworld
Official website: click here
Online check-in: web / mobile

Basic overview
Trading name: AirAsia
Legal name:  AirAsia Berhad dba AirAsia
Operating status: Active
IATA code: AK
ICAO code: AXM
Home country: Malaysia
Year established: 1993
Airline category: Scheduled
FSC/LCC: Low cost carrier
Airline alliance:
Official website: click here
Online check-in: web / mobile
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Airline database is ready to use in the real world

You don’t have to convert every legal name of an airline to trade names — we already did that for you.

This means that Lufthansa will be exactly Lufthansa, and not "Deutsche Lufthansa AG LH220" as in official directories.

Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C)
American Airlines , Inc.
Singapore Airlines Limited
Deutsche Lufthansa AG LH220
Thai Airways International Public Company Ltd.
Virgin Australia International Airlines Pty Ltd

Get, set, and forget

Download all the airline data in a single CSV file or fetch it programmatically with Airhex API.


Download all data at once

Get all the airline data listed in one CSV file, or integrate it via API directly into your product.

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Fetch updates easily

Download the updated database periodically or integrate the API once and get brand-new and updated airlines automatically.

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Let us do the rest

We verify, review, and update all airline data daily to ensure you always have the most recent and relevant information on hand.

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Provide customers with a better experience

Allow users to find the information they need quickly and take your product's user experience (UX) to the next level.

Check-in with a single click

Show your customers that they are your top priority by helping them check in and read their baggage and carry-on allowances.

For example, you can embed check-in links directly into an email with an e-ticket. It will make the customer's trip much easier.

Carry-on & checked baggage policy

Every airline has its own baggage allowance and carry-on baggage rules, usually including different baggage and carry-on sizes and weights.

The Airhex database contains up-to-date links to the official airline websites where these rules are posted.

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Trusted by hundreds of travel companies

  • Wego

    Travel metasearch

    We used to spend quite a bit of time on cropping, editing, and keeping airline logos up to date. Airhex helped us to save time, so that we could focus on building a great travel website Natalya Kosenko, Project Manager at Wego
    1 / 4
    Wego product
  • Easyvoyage

    Online Travel Agency

    Airhex provides extensive, high quality airline data and logos Laurent Vandembergue, CTO at Easyvoyage
    2 / 4
    easyvoyage product
  • Inflyter

    Travel Startup

    We have been using Airhex for 18 months. It's a reliable data platform and they provide a high quality airline logo design Wassim Saadé, Founder & CEO at Inflyter
    3 / 4
    inflyter product
  • Codegen

    Travel Tech Company

    With Airhex we can focus on the development work rather than wasting time on creating something that already exists Mohamed Shirazi, Head Customer Relationships at Codegen
    4 / 4
    codegen product
  • TUI
  • Omio
  • Easyvoyage
  • FTI
  • Aviasales
  • Greitai
  • iTrain
  • Airtrade
  • Inflyter
  • Navitas

More data for your travel products

  • airline logos
  • Airline logos database with auto updates

    870 Retina-grade logos, symbols, and tails, matched with airline IATA and ICAO codes. Automatic updates, consistent format and aspect ratio, with easy export via single ZIP archive or API.

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  • geo essentials
  • Airport, City & Country information database

    Complete detailed geolocation database includes 15661 airports, 10041 cities, 250 countries, and more with API access or CSV file export.

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Get pricing details and request full access

Due to licensing regulations, Airhex pricing is individualized and based on your technical requirements, type of business, and the country where your company is registered.

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Airline database FAQ

Get all the answers about airline database by Airhex

  • Why is Airhex's airline database unique compared to official coding directories?

    Airhex provides a purified coding directory, regularly updated with essential airline data, saving you time and effort in converting legal names to trade names, and managing original coding directory duplicates.

  • Why do I need another coding directory?

    Most other coding directories provide only the legal name of each airline. That means you'll need to sift through each code and trim the legal titles from the airline database or even Google their dba airline names. For example, "Deutsche Lufthansa AG LH220" needs to become "Lufthansa." This is a tedious, time-consuming, expensive process, so that’s why we’ve already done it for you!

    Get a purified coding directory instantly at just a fraction of the cost of our competitors. We constantly monitor changes and add new airlines to our database on a daily basis. The quality of our data is our utmost priority. This is not just a marketing pitch, it is our company’s core mission.

    We come from the online travel industry. All AirHex team members have been working in the online travel industry for at least five years. We know how to collect and use the data.

  • What type of information is included in Airhex's airline database?

    It covers comprehensive details like airline names, IATA/ICAO codes, operating status, alliances, color schemes, country of origin, check-in links, and baggage policies.

  • Why can't I just find this information on the internet?

    Airline data around the world changes every day. One airline can change its phone number, another changes the website address, and a third airline changes the short IATA code to a new one.

    It is challenging to keep track of all these changes manually. And if your data becomes outdated, your users will no longer see relevant information. This might cause negative reactions and feedback about using your product and reduce the conversion rate.

    We verify and update all the information in the databases every day, which makes it possible to be sure that your product always provides users with up-to-date information.

  • How do you update the airline database?

    Our team checks on, reviews, and updates all airline information daily to ensure you always have the most recent and relevant data on hand.

    We track all changes both manually and programmatically with our very own software that checks and compares an airline's changes on its own website. And if there are any changes or a new airline takes off, we roll out a fresh version of the data within a few hours. The majority of the biggest travel brands rely on Airhex.

  • How does Airhex ensure the database reflects airlines' trade names accurately?

    Airhex has already converted every legal name of an airline to its trade name, ensuring users can search and find airlines by their commonly known names without confusion. This simplifies data handling and enhances usability for businesses and travelers alike.

  • Can I find both the legal and trade names of airlines in the database?

    The database focuses on providing trade names for ease of recognition and use, streamlining searches and integrations for travel-related businesses and services, and provides original legal names from official IATA & ICAO coding directories to match with your existing or third party data.

  • How can integrating Airhex's airline database enhance the customer experience for travel bookings?

    By embedding direct check-in links and detailed baggage allowance information from Airhex's database into e-tickets or booking confirmations, travel businesses can provide customers a more streamlined and stress-free travel preparation process.

  • How could I get access to the data?

    All information from the database can be downloaded as a single CSV file or obtained via API.

    See the API documentation →