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geo coding directory
  • Photos for 1000 most popular cities for commercial use new!
  • 13304 airports with names + extras
  • 9245 cities with names, country Aplha-2 code, state, timezone and geolocation coordinates
  • 249 countries with names, Alpha-2 codes and Aplha-3 codes + extras to boost your UX
  • CSV database dump download and JSON/XML API access

Core components

Airport directory

  • 13304 worldwide airports
  • Matched with airport IATA codes
  • Matched with airport ICAO codes
  • Airport names
  • Airport based city/metropolitan matched IATA codes
  • Airport country Alpha-2 codes
  • Airport timezones and UTC offsets
  • Airport GEO coordinates

Airport name: London Heathrow Airport
IATA code: LHR
City/metropolitan IATA: LON
Country code: GB
Timezone: Europe/London
UTC time offset: +1
GEO coordinates: 51.469603, -0.453566

Why do I need a proper airport coding directory?

Data in the world of travel business flows mostly as codes. For example one of the most popular flights in the world would be transferred between travel systems as 7C-112 CJU-GMP $35. The only common information to passengers is the last piece of text with price and in order to convert the rest of the data to a human-readable format, airline and airport codes database are required. If pass this example through coding directory it would be a Jeju Air flight #112 from Jeju International Airport, Jeju to Gimpo International Airport, Seoul. So a proper airport database is essential and critical for the UX and conversion rates of your travel business. At AirHex we aggregate and verify this data from multiple sources and monitor changes to add new airports to the database as soon as they commence operations and become active. We also collect information that empowers your abilities to provide better user experience to your customers such as timezone and UTC time offsets and airport location geo coordinates.

City name: Los Angeles
IATA code: LAX
State, full: California
State, short: CA
Country code: US
Timezone: America/Los_Angeles
GMT time offset: -8
GEO coordinates: 34.0522342, -118.2436849
Population: 3971884
Popularity: 3

City directory

  • 9245 cities worldwide
  • Matched with city IATA codes
  • City names
  • Licensed for commercial use photos for 1000 most popular cities new!
  • City country Alpha-2 codes
  • Full and short states for US, Canadian and Australian cities
  • City timezones and GMT offsets
  • City geolocation coordinates
  • City population
  • City popularity/weight

Build a perfect autocomplete with city coding directory

Along with airport coding directory, city database matched with IATA codes completes your information display to customers by decoding city codes for a specific flight. Combine both to provide autocomplete form fields for your customers. We even aggregated city popularity for passengers from few of our global flight search partners and of sorted it by flight popularity, so you get ready-to-use weights to sort cities and airports in an autocomplete.

Country directory

  • 249 countries
  • Country names
  • Country Alpha-2 and Alpha-3 codes
  • Country capital's matched IATA codes
  • Country currency codes
  • Regions country belongs to
  • Continents country belongs to
  • Country populations
  • Country phone codes

Country name: Thailand
Alpha-2 code: TH
Alpha-3 code: THA
Capital IATA code: BKK
Currency code: THB
Region: Asia
Continent: AS
Population: 67089800
Phone code: +66

Complete your database with country coding directory

Complete your data with country codes and extras from the country coding directory. Help your customers building great features using information provided in our country database.

Use cases of GEO Essentials Set by Airhex

  • Before

  • Boring main page navigation on a travel website, semi-automated list of destinations with prices
  • Conversion rate -
  • After

  • Improved website navigation, better conversion rate and decreased bounce rate
  • Conversion rate +

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Customer Showcase and Testimonials

  • Wego

    Travel Metasearch

  • We used to spend quite a bit of time for cropping, editing and keeping up to date airline logos. Airhex helped us to save time, so that we could focus on building a great travel websiteNatalya Kosenko, Project Manager at Wego, Singapore
  • Easyvoyage

    Online Travel Agency

  • Airhex provides extensive, high quality airline data and logosLaurent Vandembergue, CTO at Easyvoyage, France
  • Inflyter

    Travel Startup

  • We have been using Airhex for 18 months. It's a reliable data platform and they provide a high quality airline logo designWassim Saadé, Founder & CEO at Inflyter, France
  • Codegen

    Travel Tech Company

  • With Airhex we can focus on the development work rather than wasting time on creating something that already existsMohamed Shirazi, Head Customer Relationships at Codegen, UK

For the last two years Airhex helped dozens of travel companies to save over 48,000 hours of work and more than $1.5 Million in operating costs

Airhex logo API is great - much better than wasting our time generating all the imagery ourselves, only to discover that a logo has changed, or that we've changed our mind about the size we wanted.Matthew Steer, Head of Product & Engineering at Travel.Cloud, UK
Initially we planned to outsource this scope of work to freelancers or external agencies, however signed up to Airhex to pass all of this pain with task management to someone else and there was a ready to use contentSteven Wong, Product Manager at GoQuo, Malaysia
This is a very helpful service that saves us a lot of timeNick Griffiths, UX Lead at Corporate Travel Management, Australia

Trusted by dozens of travel and tech companies

  • Travel Syndication Technology
  • Jetradar
  • CTS Cosmopolitan Travel
  • Flightnetwork
  • Aviasales
  • TUI
  • Wego
  • Airbus
  • Easyvoyage
  • Greitai
  • Sastaticket
  • Roadmap
  • Full Facing
  • Corporate Travel Management
  • Travelstop
  • Comtravo
  • Tabiko
  • Airtrade
  • Buckleup
  • Feyverly
  • Tridea
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