Vueling Logo

Vueling symbol, tail, logo with name and color palette

Vueling logo

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Vueling logo history

Vueling Airlines is the second largest air carrier in Spain. The airline was established in 2004. At that time, the company's fleet consisted of only two aircrafts, which carried out the flights from Barcelona to Ibiza. After about 1.5 years, the airline began to receive the profit.

In 2009, the company merged with another Spanish carrier - the airline Clickair. The new brand began to use the name Vueling. Nowadays the company operates flights to 38 countries of the world. These are Europe, Russia, Asia and Africa. In 2020, it was announced about new routes that will unite several European cities.

The Vueling logo has two options: a gray font on the yellow background and a small white circle in the right corner; a gray font on the white background and a small yellow circle in the right corner. The yellow color appeared here for a reason, it is one of the colors of the national flag, which has its historical roots in the roots of the Castilian civilization. It symbolizes movement and desire. And for Spain, yellow is the color of the blazing sun, which warms through the clouds when the plane rises to the sky. It is not for nothing that the logo uses a circle.

To balance the exciting yellow, the Vueling logo uses the neutral gray color. The font is very soft, without serifs and dots. It conveys the Spanish mentality, reflecting the hospitality and care for the passengers.

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