United Airlines Logo

United Airlines symbol, tail, logo with name and color palette

United Airlines logo

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United Airlines logo history

United Airlines is an airline company founded in 1926 under the name Boeing Air Transport. It was the first company that offered its passengers meals, for which it first introduced the post of stewardess.

The airline was not always successful. There were periods when it was in danger of bankruptcy and restructuring. But it was able to get out of the deplorable situation, including through several acquisitions. Later on, the company became a major carrier known all over the world.

Like the airline itself, the United Airlines logo changed over time. Since 1934, it had been an emblem in the form of a white, blue and red shield with black inscription on the bottom. However, it was not widely used. In the end, it was completely abandoned. By 1974, a new logo appeared. Its author was Sol Bass, a well-known designer at that time. He designed the so-called "Tulip", which is the intersection of the letters U and S. This logo remained almost unchanged until 1993. In 1979, only a few fonts were used.

In 1993, the color and the font of the inscription with the airline name were changed. Now it became the usual Times New Roman in white. It was decided to keep the "Tulip", as it became a rather recognizable element of the corporate style.

In 1997, the font was changed again. And in 2004, when the company was on the verge of bankruptcy, the colors were changed as well. Lighter shades of blue were chosen. This symbolized the revival of the airline. However, the exit from bankruptcy was delayed, and the new logo was used only after 2 years.

In 2010, United Airlines merged with Continental Airlines. The United Airlines logo began to change again. Now, the globe began to be used instead of the "Tulip". As the company representatives thought, it reflected the focus on the global market. Later on the logo inscription was also changed: only upper case letters and light blue colors were used to realize the connection with the previous corporate style.

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