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Spirit Airlines logo history

Spirit Airlines is the seventh largest airline in the United States. It is a budget air carrier. The company was established in 1980. Then it was called Charter One and transported tourists from business cities to entertainment centers such as Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

After 10 years, in 1990, the airline launched flights between Atlantic City and Boston. It was no longer a charter flight, but a regular one, so the name was changed to Spirit Airlines. After that, there were more and more flights, and their geography grew rapidly. Now there are flights to Latin America, Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, the Dutch Antilles and Haiti.

The Spirit Airlines logo has been changed twice. At first, it was an unsightly inscription of the company in black on the white background. At first, it reflected the company's values as much as possible - a fast and safe flight for a little money. However, over time, the airline began to increase its turnover, and there came the need to give the logo brightness and dynamics. So the font remained the same, but changed its color to blue - the symbol of sky, reliability and nobility. The dynamics was given by the tail of the red color on the letter r.

As the airline grew and new directions appeared, it was necessary to make changes in the Spirit Airlines logo again. The logo returned to its original black font, but the background became yellow. Yellow reflected the sunny countries to which the company's aircraft began to fly, cheerfulness, friendliness and hospitality. At the moment, these qualities are an integral part of Spirit Airlines' policy.

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