Southwest Airlines Logo

Southwest Airlines symbol, tail, logo with name and color palette

Southwest Airlines logo
Tail logo
Southwest Airlines tail logo
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Symbol logo
Southwest Airlines logo
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Southwest Airlines logo with name
Southwest Airlines logo with name
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Southwest Airlines logo colors

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Southwest Airlines logo history

Southwest Airlines was established in 1967. Its founders were Rollin King and Herb Kelleher. Initially, the airline operated flights to Texas - Dallas and Houston - San Antonio. That's where its name came from - Air Southwest.

The airline became a serious competitor for the other carriers in the southwest of the United States. Therefore, the competitors sued it, which lasted for 3 years. The year 1971 became a landmark for the airline - it changed its name to Southwest Airlines and finally launched its first aircraft.

The airline grew rapidly, but in the initial stages of its development it had to overcome many difficulties. The first profit was made only in 1973. Southwest Airlines gained popularity due to the lack of additional paid services and transparent tariffs. In 1989, the airline joined the world's largest airlines due to a record profit of 1 billion dollars.

It is interesting that in 1995 Southwest Airlines became the first company to sell tickets through the Internet. And the year 2004 was the starting point for the full transition to electronic document management.

The history of the Southwest Airlines logo began with the establishment of the airline. Then the founders wanted to perpetuate their love for Dallas, so the logo depicted a red heart with a blue filling, placed on the yellow wings of the pilots.

But later on, experts considered this style too tender for a competitive air carrier. And in 1998, the logo acquired a serious character - all letters of the inscription in the form of the company name became capital. In addition, a chopped black font was used. This indicated the seriousness of intentions on the way of the airline development, as well as reliability and safety for its passengers.

But nowadays the logo is no longer so severe. The heart has returned in blue-yellow-red colors. The inscription became less strict due to only one capital letter and the change of color to white. The logo became more friendly, which indicates that the company prioritizes the comfort of its customers.

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