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Ryanair airline was founded in 1984. Its founders were Irish millionaires Tony and Chris Ryan and the travel agency owner Liam Lonergan. In 1985, the company's planes were flying only on one single route - Waterford - Gatwick (London). And today the airline has more than 1600 flights! In 2016, Ryanair even surpassed the German leader Lufthansa on this indicator.

Ryanair airline is notable for the fact that since its establishment to date none of its aircraft has been in an accident, which would have caused loss of life!

The Ryanair logo is quite concise. It is a yellow harp on the blue background. Blue is chosen as a symbol of reliability, strength of spirit, national unity and nobility. But the harp is considered the symbol of Ireland, since the XIII century. To date, the yellow harp on the blue background is the emblem of the country.

However, the Ryanair logo depicts not just the harp. The illustration shows an elegant figure of a flying man, whose wings are directed upwards, which symbolizes freedom of flight, comfort and safety.

Thus, the Ryanair logo is designed to show that the airline puts the safety of its customers first.

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