Pegasus Airlines Logo

Pegasus Airlines symbol, tail, logo with name and color palette

Pegasus Airlines logo

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Pegasus Airlines logo history

Pegasus Airlines is one of the leading low-cost airlines in Europe, and its logo is one of its most recognizable features. The company has gone through several logo evolutions over the years, and each one has been an important part of its history.

The first Pegasus Airlines logo was introduced in the early 1990s, when the company was founded. It featured a white Pegasus, the mythical winged horse, against a black background. The logo was simple, yet distinctive, and it quickly became associated with the brand.

In the late 1990s, the logo was updated to further reflect the company's identity. The white Pegasus was replaced with a blue one, and the black background was changed to a sky blue color. This logo was designed to reflect the company's commitment to providing safe and reliable air travel.

In the early 2000s, the logo was further refined with the addition of a red stripe. The blue Pegasus was placed in the center of the stripe, with the words "Pegasus Airlines" written in white lettering. The logo was modernized and simplified, and it was used until 2013.

In 2013, Pegasus Airlines introduced a new logo to mark its 20th anniversary. The logo featured a white Pegasus with a blue and red wing, and the words "Pegasus Airlines" were written in the same font as before. The new logo was designed to evoke a sense of energy, dynamism, and innovation, and it has since become the company's signature look.

Pegasus Airlines' logo has come a long way since its first introduction in the early 1990s. Each new logo has been carefully crafted to represent the company's values and its commitment to providing the highest quality air travel experience. The current logo is a reflection of the company's history and its dedication to providing customers with a safe and comfortable journey.

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