Frontier Airlines Logo

Frontier Airlines symbol, tail, logo with name and color palette

Frontier Airlines logo

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Frontier Airlines logo history

Frontier Airlines has been a major player in the United States aviation industry for over 50 years. During this time, the airline has seen a number of changes to its identity – from its founding to the present day. The airline’s logo has been a critical part of the airline’s identity, and has changed several times over the years to reflect the changing business strategies of the company.

Frontier Airlines was founded in 1950 in Denver, Colorado. The airline’s original logo was a blue and white globe, with the company name written in an arc around the globe. This logo was in use until the mid-1960s, when it was replaced with a blue and white shield featuring a mountain range. The mountain range was meant to symbolize the airline’s commitment to serving the Rocky Mountain states.

In 1980, the logo was changed again, this time to a more modern design featuring a stylized version of the mountain range from the previous logo. The new logo also featured a bright yellow sunburst, which was used to symbolize the airline’s commitment to providing sunny destinations for its customers.

In 2005, the airline’s logo was redesigned again, this time to a more contemporary look. The new logo was a bright yellow oval, with the word “Frontier” written in bold letters. This logo was meant to reflect the airline’s new focus on low-cost air travel, with the yellow oval representing the sun and the bold lettering representing the airline’s commitment to providing low-cost flights.

The current logo was introduced in 2013, and is a bright yellow and blue sunburst. This logo was meant to represent the airline’s commitment to providing affordable and enjoyable air travel, as well as the airline’s focus on customer service. The sunburst is also a nod to the airline’s previous logos, which featured a similar sunburst.

Frontier Airlines’ logo has evolved over time to reflect the airline’s changing business strategies. The logo’s bright colors and contemporary design reflect the airline’s commitment to providing low-cost air travel and excellent customer service.

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