Emirates Logo

Emirates symbol, tail, logo with name and color palette

Emirates logo

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Emirates logo history

Emirates Airlines was founded in 1985. And it performed its first flight on October 25. The company is a relatively young air carrier. However, during this time it has managed to establish itself as a reliable company with a high level of service, special attitude to passengers with children, a wide route network that covers such rare destinations as New Zealand, Australia and African countries. The first flight from Abu Dhabi to Moscow was carried out in 2008. Since then the flights have been regular. Emirates Airlines was the first company that made the entertainment system on board accessible for all passengers, and thus stood out among the competitors.

Today the airline ranks 4th among all the world's air carriers, operating commercial flights.

The Emirates Airlines logo emphasizes the conservatism of Arabs. In the history of the company it was changed only once - in 1999.

The logo is the company name written in the Arabic script and Latin. The font is white, the background is filled with red.

In the new version, the font has acquired greater ornateness and smoothness, typical for Arab people. This fact enhances the territorial binding of the brand. The script has become more elegant, and the Latin letters, in turn, more monumental.

The choice of color scheme - a combination of red and white - is due to the fact that these colors are part of the national flag. The Arabs are quite conservative and patriotic, so the colors of the flag in the logo indicate the high quality of the current fleet and service.

Due to the same conservatism, it is unlikely that we will see changes in the logo in the near future. At the moment the airline does not need to make any changes to its corporate identity.

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