Delta Logo

Delta symbol, tail, logo with name and color palette

Delta logo

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Delta logo history

Delta Airlines appeared in 1924 and specialized then in military flights. After a while, it began to carry out passenger transportation. And by the end of the 70's went on transcontinental routes.

In the course of its development, it changed, merged with other companies, even was declared bankrupt, but got out of this state and continued to implement its services.

Together with the company, its logo developed as well. The Delta Airlines logo has changed its appearance as much as 17 times! The forms, colors and fonts varied. The red and blue color scheme was the basis. The company representatives associated these shades with reliability, the color of the sky and the national flag. They experimented with white, black, yellow and green colors.

The Delta Airlines logo then became simpler, making the choice in the direction of balance and tranquility, then returned to the creative, intricate forms and fonts, as designers and marketing experts of the project at various stages of the company's life tried to get the most out of marketing tools and the logo including.

However, as a result, simplicity prevailed and since 2007 the logo has had a combination of red and blue colors and a laconic font with a large distance between letters. The red delta, divided into 3 parts with a thin white line between them, is now used as the logo.

The company came to such a decision, guided by the fact that conciseness and simplicity are synonymous to reliability and trust.

To date, the airline has not yet announced a possible change of logo and corporate identity. Thus, the logo has been kept for 13 years. This is a long enough period for Delta Airlines.

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