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British Airways logo history

British Airways was created by merging 4 major airlines, the most popular among them were BOAC and BEA. It happened in 1973. The company ranks 9th among all air carriers in the world.

Each of the companies tried to implement its own corporate identity. However, no one was able to hog the blanket. At that time, the laconic blue-red inscription British Airways, which was created by the company Negus & Negus, was used as a logo.

In 1984, the British Airways logo did make changes. The font became more modern, the serifs were removed. The color of the font was changed to black. The red line under the inscription remotely resembled a "bird" from the corporate style of BOAC.

This logo had been used by the airline until 1997. However, then the British Airways logo was changed again. The inscription became blue, in the color of the flag, and included only upper case letters. The "bird" from BOAC also entered the new logo, only in a more rounded shape. Its color changed to red and blue. This version of the British Airways logo is still in use today. According to the Company's representatives, this logo has helped to avoid excessive conservatism and symbolized the international format.

First of all, we see the British Airways logo as a reflection of the British conservatism. They value their traditions, state power and the flag as its symbol. Therefore, the logo uses the main colors of the flag - red and blue. Blue color is also attributed to reliability, tranquility, peace, which are so important for the clients of the air carrier. Thus, British Airways with the help of the logo emphasize the need to choose in favor of their planes.

Despite further mergers affecting British Airways, the airline logo has remained unchanged.

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