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Alaska Airlines logo history

Alaska Airlines appeared from a small company McGee Airways, established in 1932. Then the planes flew from Anchorage to Bristol Bay. In 1942, the company slightly expanded its horizons and became known as Alaska Star Airlines. However, already in 1944 it became Alaska Airlines. Experts believe that this has had a good effect on the recognition of the company and increased its competitiveness.

At first, the Alaska Airlines logo included only the inscription in gold letters in the form of the airline name. By the early 1980s, it was decided to add the face of an Alaska native, that is, an Eskimo. But in the 1990s, Alaska Airlines again came to the rebranding and removed the Eskimo, replacing it with a mountain ridge. The range of colors included blue, black and white. Unexpectedly, the locals reacted to this decision with a wave of protests. And the airline had to return the Eskimo logo again.

However, new times dictated their own rules. The corporate style had to be changed again. And the Eskimo was left only in the fuselage of the plane. The logo became as concise as possible - the black inscription in the angular font on the white background. According to market researchers, this style expresses reliability and safety, forming a trusting relationship between the airline and its customers.

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