Air France Logo

Air France symbol, tail, logo with name and color palette

Air France logo
Tail logo
Air France tail logo
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Symbol logo
Air France logo
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Air France logo with name
Air France logo with name
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Air France logo colors

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Air France logo history

Air France is the main national airline of France. For a long time, its logo was the blue winged horse with a rolled fish tail, depicted inside the white circle. However, as the company developed, its logo also changed. The jet engine era required a more powerful symbol that would attract customers more than its competitors.

The company needed a symbol of national spirit that could reflect the powerful state of the technical park. Thus, in 1976 the world saw the new Air France logo - it was a tricolor emblem, resembling a bar code. The choice of colors - blue, white and red - was associated with the colors of the national flag. They were designed to symbolize reliability, and the geometric shape represented the dynamics of high-speed flights.

This logo took root very quickly, and no one remembered the "seahorse". However, in 2020 it was decided to change the Air France logo in favor of more elegant lines, which inspired nobility and corresponded to modern trends.

Until now, we can see exactly this version of the logo. However, the "seahorse" also has found something to do with. It decorates the offices and documentation of the airline. It is the old logo that reflects the technical power of aircraft, so it is still depicted on the engines of all Air France boards!

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