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We create and update airline logos for you. Set and forget solution.

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 920 most updated airline logos
 Covers 100% of scheduled and charter airlines
 Transparent or custom backgrounds
 Vector sourced — unlimited resolution
 Matched with airline IATA and ICAO codes
 Both square and rectangular logos
 Airline logos with names and without names
 Lossless compressed, save up to 80% in size
 Get logos as PNG, JPEG or GIF files
 Download as a ZIP archive or get via API from CDN

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Save time and money on airline logo creation

Creating airline logos is a boring routine. You have to find, edit, resize, adjust, convert or completely re-create airline logos from scratch. Did you estimate how much it would cost? We did. From $3,000 to $10,000 depending on which part of the world you or your outsourcers are located. And it would take some 1.5 months of full-time non-stop job of a single experienced designer to complete the project and discover that some logos have already changed, or that you've changed your mind about the size you wanted. Don't even think about collecting it "for free" from the Internet, in fact, it would take even more of your time and money and might lead to some unpleasant consequences related to copyrights. You can double that numbers if you need both square and rectangular airline symbols. We've already done all of that boring job for you, so you don’t have to. Get 920 ready-to-use airline logos that already matched with airline IATA and ICAO codes just in minutes. Save weeks of time and thousands of cash. This is not a marketing BS, this is a promise and our company value. We are from online travel business and did all of this routine multiple times in different regions before we started Airhex, we know the numbers.

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Don't you have some more important things to do rather than tracking airline logo changes?

Sure you do. We provide a kind of set and forget service. Maintenance-free. Our team check, review and update all airline company logos daily to ensure that your customers always see relevant data. Integrate once and get airline logo updates as soon as they release it. We already track all these changes both manually and automated. We developed special scripts that check and compare if airline changed a logo on its own website. And if there are some changes, our illustrators are automatically notified and roll-out a fresh version within hours. We are just the best in this tiny specific niche and we know what to do and how to do. This is not even a promise, this is a feedback from our customers.

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Increase conversion of your search results and booking pages and reduce your site load time

The first obvious thing is that essentials like airline logos on your search results and flight booking pages are important to customers. Would they trust some service that provides a wrong information from the first steps? Wouldn't be they confused if they see the expired airline names and logos that were rebranded some time ago? They most probably will. And in order to provide the most accurate data, you have to keep airline logos updated.

The second is that in 2019 it's important to provide HD Retina-ready images for your customers in order to be in time with current technologies and content consumptions behaviour from user's side. Have you ever seen this smooth web pages but with sharpened pixeled images? That's another NO if you want to build trust between you and your customers. Quality of a website and information provided is important to improve a trust between a service and a customer at the beginning of his journey with you. Take care of the quality. We drew vector airline logos, so they can be resized to any dimension without losing quality. So your logos look great on every platform: both desktop and mobiles.

The third thing (also obvious) is that your pages load time affects your conversion rate and sales level. Especially if it's flight search results pages. Do you know that Amazon found that every 100ms of latency cost them 1% in sales? In order to provide the best performance and minimize loading time on pages of your website, all images including airline logos should be minified. For PNG files there is a method called lossless compression that saves up to 80% of image size (and reduce download time accordingly) without compromise in image quality (that's why it's called lossless). We developed and improved this technology and do compression on-the-fly, so our logos are as tiny as possible and improve your page load time and conversion rates. Always. For every logo. Plus you can use our worldwide network of CDN servers for even faster content delivery or choose to host logos on your own servers.


Who's our customers

  • Online Travel Agencies
  • Travel Meta Search Engines
  • Tour Operators
  • Travel Management Companies
  • Business Travel Platforms
  • Travel Technology Companies
  • Airports
  • Travel Startups

Don't be scared of all of this multinational corporation logos in "Our customers" section if you are a startup and don't mind about unknown companies if you are from a corporation. Our airline logos database and other products are designed for every business that has a flight-related section on their websites or within mobile apps. You might be looking to start a new product or project. Or redesign a website. Or develop a mobile application. You are in the right place. Travel technology companies integrate our products into their solutions. Our usual customers are online travel agencies (OTA's), tour operators, travel management companies (TMC's) and all other other business travel companies, travel meta search engines, flight consolidators/wholesalers, travel technology companies, airports and a lot of different air-travel-related startups with bright ideas.

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Used by dozens of air, travel and tech companies such as

  • flightnetwork
  • Wego
  • Aviasales
  • Jetradar
  • Easyvoyage
  • Sastaticket
  • Taketrips
  • Greitai
  • Airbus
  • TUI
  • Travel Corporate Management
  • Comtravo
  • CTS Cosmopolitan Travel
  • Travel Syndication Technology
  • Travelstop
  • Fullfacing
  • iTrain
  • Airtrade
  • Inflyter
  • Tridea
  • Buckleup
  • Tabiko