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IATA code: SQ
ICAO code: SIA
Full airline name: Singapore Airlines Limited
Marketing name: Singapore Airlines
Airline type: Scheduled
LCC/FSC: Full service carrier
Airline status: Active
Home country: Singapore
Year founded: 1947
Official website: link
Web check-in: link
Mobile check-in: link
iOS mobile app: link
Android mobile app: link
Official Facebook page: link
 The live example for SQ (Singapore Airlines)

 1160 airlines
 IATA and ICAO codes
 Real marketing names without legal titles
 Full airline names as in official coding directories
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 Links to airline Facebook pages
 Type of every single airline (scheduled, charter, cargo, etc)
 Carrier type of every single airline (full service or low-cost)
 Status of every single airline (active or not-active)
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Our airline database in details:

QR: Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C)
AA: American Airlines, Inc.
SQ: Singapore Airlines Limited
LH: Deutsche Lufthansa AG LH220
TG: Thai Airways International Public Company Ltd.
VA: Virgin Australia International Airlines Pty Ltd

1. Better airline coding directory

  • 1160 airlines
  • IATA and ICAO codes
  • Real airline marketing names without legal titles
  • Full airline names as in official coding directories

Why it's better than other coding directories?

There are two problems with official airline coding directories. In addition to the hefty few thousand price tag, the official coding directories provide only a legal name of each airline. That means you'll need to sift through each code and trim the legal titles from each airline or even Google their DBA airline names. For example, "Deutsche Lufthansa AG LH220" needs to become "Lufthansa." This is a tedious, time-consuming, expensive process that must be done manually. We already did it for you, so you can instantly get a purified coding directory at just a fraction of the cost. Moreover, we monitor changes and add new airlines into a database on a daily basis. We know how important this data is for your business. Quality of data is our priority. It's not a marketing BS, it's a promise and our company value. We are from online travel business. We did all of this routine multiple times in different regions before we started Airhex, we know how important is this.

web check-in

2. Links to online check-in and baggage allowances

  • Check-in links for 499 airlines
  • Both web and mobile (where exists) check-in services
  • 690 links to baggage allowances and carry-on policies

Power up your travel app and get the edge over your competitors

Care about your customers and make them feel that you care about them. Help them to check in for their flights. We collected links to online check-in for every single airline that provides online web or mobile check-in. Your customers will enjoy a smooth, hassle-free experience whether at home on their desktops or out and about on their phones. It's a maintenance-free solution and there's no need to constantly test or worry about old or broken links. We check and update these links for you. On a daily basis.

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3. Extra airline content

Provide more helpful data to your customers

  • Links to airline websites, facebook groups and mobile apps
  • Type of every single airline (scheduled, charter, cargo, etc)
  • Carrier type of every single airline (full service or low-cost)
  • Status of every single airline (active or non-active)
  • Origin country of every single airline
  • Foundation year of every single airline

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