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Avianca logo history

Avianca Brasil was previously called Ocean Air. It was established in 1998 and carried out transportation to 20 destinations. But in 2004 the company joined the Avianca Colombian Aviation Holding. This made the flights between Brazil and Colombia as accessible as possible. In 2007 the airline performed its first international flight to Mexico. And in 2010 it discovered the countries of Africa and the USA.

At first, the Avianca logo combined the styles of both companies - the red inscription on the white background and two crossed ribbons of blue and yellow colors at the side. All these were the corporate colors of each company. However, the company developed, discovered international directions and gradually began to lean in one direction. This was reflected in the logo as well.

The ribbons of blue and yellow colors were removed. They were replaced by the red-and-white airplane bird on the top of the inscription. But the transformation went on. It was not enough. The airline entered a new market and tried to meet the international standards. So appeared the logo in the form of the red inscription all with the same bird, but at the side. The font and all the lines became smoother, which reflected the streamlined shape of the aircraft, symbolizing safe and comfortable flights. This logo is used by the company to this day.

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