How we can purchase Airhex products/services?

Once you wish to proceed with a purchase, just let us know using the contact form about products you would like to order, your company name, address, a website and/or a mobile app name where AirHex content are going to be used. We will add this information to the invoice with terms of use and once it's accepted and payment is done we send you an API key and an credentials to download/export tools where you can export databases and logos in any kind and resolution you need. Regarding payment methods - we can accept international wire transfers (we are in Australia) or Paypal that might be paid online with any Visa/Mastercard/etc bank cards.

How do you track updates and keep the database current?

On a daily basis our scripts on multiple servers check original information sources, including airline websites and official databases. Then the scripts compare received values with our current data and send alerts to our senior editors in the event of any changes so as to manually review changes and to order updates from designers or junior editors if required. For airline logos, we use screenshots of logos on airline websites and compare it by hash checksum with the corresponding logos in our database.

How do we get the vector files as we need them in different sizes for our website?

Good news, we just released vector logos product and vector logos are available for download. Contact us in order to upgrade your current license or sign up.

What's are the limits for PNG logos?

You can download PNG in any (really any) size using variety of tools provided. We deliver logos in PNG format with unlimited size (currently limited to 1024x1024px and 3500x1000px however it might be adjusted to any size since we use vector as a source for PNG). Please note that all PNG files are lossless compressed on the fly so logos are as tiny as vector files in size.

Our company provides software solutions to OTAs, Tour Operators, airlines, cruises, DMCs, etc. and as part of our product suite, we have the b2b and b2c websites. Do we need an extended license or can we use a standard single site license to use Airhex content on multiple sites?

In such scenario you would need an extended multi-site license. Standard single-site license only covers single project/end customer website or mobile app. Contact us for more details.

Could you please help prepare square logo archives with both 100x100px and 600x600px dimensions?

Sure. We developed a tool that helps you to export all airline logos at once in ZIP archive file. You just specify dimensions and your API key and file is ready to download within few minutes. A documentation to the tool is sent to all customers during onboarding process.

Is it one-time fee or a subscription-based license?

The license is lifetime-based, i.e. for this one-time fee you get the right to use the Airhex content forever (as long as you wish) and you also get 12 months of content updates subscription. However in order to get updates starting from 13th month from the date of purchase further updates subscription is required.

How do we setup a regular fetching of updates for airline and logo databases? Any samples would greatly help.

Usually customers fetch updates using CURL or similar libraries once a week

We see that there are 16121 airports available in your product. Google says there are 17678 airports in the world. We were wondering about the difference of which airports are not included in your database (i.e. military, non commercial, etc)?

We cover all major airports used by commercial airlines + extra airports that is not in use by commercial carriers. There are all types of airports including military and non-commercial, but some of these minor airports might be missing. So unless you target some non-fligthable airports you should be fine.

We see that you have listed 249 Countries on your website. I believe there are total of 196 countries in the world. Could you please explain why the number of countries is higher in your database?

There are also some 60 dependent territories in addition such as British Virgin Islands (BVI), Isle of Man, Puerto Rico, French Territories and a lot of dependent territories in Caribbean region.

Can you give me all the details/case studies/docs you have relating to how you manage copyright in relation to the Airline logos? Obviously you don't have agreements with each individual airline so I assume you rely on your customers to have arrangements in place for use of the Airline's branding?

You are right, we do not manage any IP usage rights on behalf of airlines and we only provide a service of logo re-creation for our customers, while customers are responsible to maintain authorization from airlines. In the real world no one do this and during past 10 years we have only heard of a single case when an airline asked an OTA to remove their logo and a company name from OTA's website due to their new direct distribution strategy.

Is there a way of knowing which airlines have changed their logos?

Yes, there is a JSON API that you might use in order to track changes and make incremental updates. Contact us for details.

We are looking forward to buy PNG logos - may I have the quotation?

The PNG logos license cost is $990, it includes both square and rectangular logos with any dimensions up to 1024px in height and with 12 months of API access and daily updates. The license is lifetime based, i.e. feel free to use logos as long as you wish on the project specified.

Can you please clarify the naming nomenclature used for airlines logo in the downloaded the file. Is it IATA code or ICAO code used to name each file?

File names in single download ZIP file with all logos are mostly IATA codes, for example EK.png, AI.svg, etc, however for airlines without IATA codes, ICAO codes will be used.

Do we need to use the API?

You can also just download a ZIP file with all logos, i.e. API here is only for your convenience and you just can download logos in ZIP archive if you wish.

Can you also please clarify how the naming conventions are used for airlines sharing the same IATA code? Is ICAO code used in those cases as well?

Right, for active airlines with duplicate IATA codes file names would be as their ICAO codes to make sure you get all of them. Otherwise it's IATA codes. In case you use an API you can use both IATA or ICAO codes to pull a logo from our servers.

How often woud you recommend to fetch logo updates?

We recommend to download logos at least once a month, however there are usually daily updates so you can download them as often as you wish.

Are square and rectangular logos are included into the license?

Yes, both square and rectangular are included in all airline logo product licenses

We would like to access your test environment and do a POC. Would you be able to share the login info to your test database by any chance?

Sure, you can use an API token "TEST" in order to test the API response and there are also example of responses provided in the API documentation. Some of this info might be watermarked/dotted but it should be enough to evaluate database/logos quality. There are also full DB reply examples in API docs.

Are there any legal restrictions on the use of the Airhex data that we should be aware of?

Regarding legal restrictions from our side: we allow our customers to use the content on their websites, mobile applications and on affiliate websites, however, our customers are not allowed to re-sell, distribute or share provided content to any 3rd party for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. AirHex also claims that airline logos are solely re-created by AirHex team and database entries are collected manually by AirHex team from public sources. Regarding legal restrictions from airlines side and airlines intellectual property: we provide service of airline logos re-creation and information collection. Airline brands intellectual property including airline names, logos, images, web domains and other airline-related information belongs to respective airlines. We are not authorized to manage rights of intellectual property on behalf of owners (airlines) in any form and we are not responsible for any potential issues and claims that might be arisen due to a usage of such intellectual property by customers. Pretty general though, we never saw an OTA that request every airline to use their logos on the OTA website.

We are a big company and do not want to put ourselves in a position where we expose ourselves to the possibility where we need to deal with claims etc. because of us not having prior consent of usage of IP, any best practices or advice ?

During the past 6 years we heard about one case when airline asked some OTA to remove their logo from the OTA website due to changes in airline distribution model, i.e. they stopped to work with OTA's. Consider AirHex as an outsourcing company that creates and updates logos.

We preferred getting all airline logo files (200x200px, 350x100px) that are ready to upload in our database instead of developing API. Please kindly suggest.

Sure, alternatively to an API you can download a ZIP file with all 900+ logos inside and upload it to your own database.

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